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Brand Called 'U'

Brand Called ‘U’ is a brain child of Life coach Anika, who is a friend, philosopher and guide for her students, trainees, friends and family. With a vision to help people find purpose and meaning in life, BCU stands for the cause ‘Educate to Empower.’

BCU has been conceived with an objective to fill in the learning gaps in the education system and thus enhance the Employability index of career aspirants. In a quest to enhance the Happiness Quotient ‘HQ’ all around, BCU specialises in individual/group coaching, training and counselling for students, corporates, stay home individuals and so on.

Some of our Programs include

  • Confidence building
  • Self-empowerment through self-consciousness
  • Improving happiness quotient
  • Improving team output
  • Corporate incubator
  • Individual Goal setting and improved decision making
  • Relationship management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learning to love yourself
  • Self-Branding
  • Emotional empowerment
  • Parents’ role in child’s career preparation


  • Talking to Anika in the sessions helped me handle the stress in my life in a more empowered way. She has helped me in my lowest phases and gotten me back to a stronger footing.


    Renu Housewife, Delhi
  • I have been interacting with Anika for over a year now, she helped me to go past the professional stress. She made me explore my inner self and made me continue as cheerful me. She is a guide and a great mentor.She is the one where you can speak your heart out and trust me she will never let you down. I’ve got an amazing friend in an awesome philosopher.


    Senior Software Engineer, IBM
  • Anika has helped me survive my anxieties and panic attacks and ensured her presence when i needed an anchor. She gave me strength to fight back and deal with my situations much better.


    Restuaranter, Malawi
  • A gap of 5 years after having a child can make one loose all the confidence to get back to professional life… But consulting Anika was the best decision I could have taken.. She not only gave me the confidence to get back to work but also guided me as to how I should approach my work and find the zeal to commit to it again along with balancing my personal life.


    HR Professional, Mumbai
  • Really grateful to BRAND Called ‘U’ and Ms Anika for the constant support and guidance in shaping my career. Her methodological approach in identifying key strengths and weaknesses helped me prioritise roles and organisations. She went a step further by preparing me for interviews with Senior Management and how to leave a good impression on them in a short duration.


    Senior consultant, Takshshila consulting

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