Gratitude is an attitude

Gratitude is an attitude

Corona Namashkar to you all…

One virus and the whole world has come to a stand still. Amidst the crisis and all the hue and cry a lot of underlying issues are already simmering up. Not only are we looking at a massive economic jerk, this crisis is going to leave a strong impact on the mental health of people around us. But even in this dark cloud there is a silver lining. While we may feel we are trapped in our houses with no support systems operating we could use this time to count all the blessings we had but never valued. We could begin by appreciating the contribution and value of each staff member who directly or indirectly made our life easier and more comfortable. What we could also do is call and check on our relatives and catch up with family virtually. This is an ideal time to catch up on the long lost self care regime, pamper yourself, catch up on the exercise, some yoga or meditation and feel the bliss which you miss in the hustle bustle of earning your livelihood. This is a perfect time to introspect and strengthen your core. Preserve your mind, body and soul to brace for the impact that Corona could leave on our lives in the times to come. Lets bring out the best in us and give life a second shot.

Lets show more gratitude and less cynicism. It is believed that gratitude is a way of life, it manifests happiness and keeps the surroundings pleasant and positive. This in turn boosts relationships and builds an environment of trust and cooperation. In a nutshell gratitude provides all the key ingredients for the perfect recipe for happiness and fulfillment in life. Its called the cycle of gratitude.

It is said when the going gets tough, tough get going! Lets all focus on redirecting our energies and achieve a long lost goal of happiness and contentment. Let’s re-align our core and bring in positive vibes. This too shall pass!!!!

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  1. First of all Corona Namashkar Mam,
    I have just finished reading the article you wrote, And It is clearly written and compelling article. While much has been written on this topic, Your article expresses both the more positive and less negative aspects of this important topic.
    I just want to say to everyone Instead of worrying about Corona, Shift your energy to – “This is a Perfect time to Introspect and Strengthen your Core.”

    Thank you Anika Mam for your clear writing and keep these good articles coming.

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