Human Life is a Privilege not a choice!

Human Life is a Privilege not a choice!

Being born as a human is not a matter of choice, its a privilege and to not value this life is a disregard for the privilege daunted upon us.

Life skills is not a subject its a way of living, its a thought process thats imperative for each individual who wishes to lead a quality life which is meaningful and serves a greater good in the world.

Life as a skill requires an appreciation for the little things and ofcourse the bigger ones too. most importantly it teaches a person to value time. Once we start valuing time we try to add meaning to every minute spent. Time management, balanced attitude, gratitude, life management, conflict management, meaningful communication, relationship management are few aspects that are touched upon in the pursuit of learning life skills.

The newly evolved nuclear family systems have taken children away from the teachings and learnings of grandparents which oriented children with the real values of life. This has created a need for teaching Life skills in schools and colleges. The art of living is not a selective subject its a human need which needs to be addressed irrespective of age, education, profession. each life must be lived and valued, for human birth is a privilege not a choice.

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