Prevention is better than cure!

Prevention is better than cure!

Looking all around me, all I see is panic. People are dieing, markets are crashing, supplies are finishing, feels like the world is coming to an end.

Amidst all the fear and panic I thought to myself whats the worst that can happen and the answer was, I can get infected, then I looked up the numbers, oh damn people who have recovered are far more than the people who died. And my moment of realisation happened!!

Suddenly I realised that fear and panic can hardly stand tall when logic starts to play. My panic came from the negativity and hopelessness that was poured on to me by the so called social media. Its disheartening to see no one spreads hope nor does it go very far, but negativity spreads faster than light. This brings me to the question what would happen if all of us start rephrasing our thoughts and words to sound more hopeful and positve at all times. Why talk problems, seek solutions and things start to fall in place.

On that note I urge each one of you out there spread hope not panic, prevention is definitely better than cure, do your bit and spread awareness and hope, not fear!

Remember the world is’nt coming to an end yet, my belief in life says its not this easy to end the world. And if it all it is, then we wont even be there to feel the blunt of it, so relax and make the most of this phase where mother nature has focefully slowed down the pace of life for us. Sit back and enjoy, a little me time¬† never killed anyone!!!

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