Brand Called 'U'


Who Do We Cater To?

  1. Corporates/Educational Institutions
  2. Individuals
  3. Students
  4. Parents

Training programs onsite (Group size up to 20)

1 Day workshop
3 Days Workshop
5 Days workshop

Onsite Team Empowerment and coaching Program (Individual focus)
Campus to corporate Program

15 Hours across 3 months(workshop model)
20 Hours across 3 months+ live project+ certification

Re-orientation program for Universities to re design courses to meet Accreditation guidelines and boost employability index of the students.

Corporate Incubator Program

• Trimester (30 Hours)
• Semester (50 Hours)

Individual Coaching and counselling session

• Coaching session one time
• Empowerment/Healing/confidence building program (3 months, 2 sessions each moth of 1 hour each, Pre scheduled 2 phone calls of up to 30 mins each month)
• Choosing the right career path (for young adults)
• How to prepare your child for a successful career

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