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Friend, philosopher and guide, a triple masters and a Delhi University graduate, Anika has a strong affiliation towards global education system and role of education in empowering individuals.

Having attained various degrees and certifications from India and abroad, she credits her knowledge and skills to her teachers, teams and institutions attended. Women in Leadership program from University of Cambridge, played an instrumental role in pushing her towards her entrepreneurial dream. Educate to empower is her motto and she believes in self-discovery as the most effective medium of change.


Founder BCU
Life Coach, Trainer, Foodoholic, Travelholic


Co-Founder BCU
Entrepreneur and financial guru

A wealth advisor and investment banker, Rohit brings the money talk to the table. A financial guru and guide with almost two decades of financial advisory at hand, Rohit now aspires to bring about a change in how people look at financial planning in a conventional set up. He credits his success and learning to his past teams and organisations including Citibank, HSBC, HDFC and so on.

With a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and 13 years of professional banking experience, Deborah’s eclectic background helps her to combat problems from a holistic perspective. She likes to focus on the bigger picture and welcomes input from all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is heard and appreciated.


Best Practices Advisor BCU
Counsellor, agile thinker, banker and lifelong learner


Strategic Advisor BCU
Entrepreneur, Strategist, Travelholic

Ex-Mckinsey and Delhi College of Engineering graduate, Rachit brings global processes and strategies on the table and challenges the Think tank to think harder. With almost a decade of Industry experience, he is now on a quest for excellence through sharing knowledge and empowering people associated with him.

Munich Based Entrepreneur Julia is an investor having key interest in sectors of asset management, real estate and hospitality. She is a graduate in economics and holds a master’s degree in business analysis and consulting from University of Hertfordshire (UK). 

An avid traveller, she loves exploring new countries, cultures and cuisines and has a liking for adventure sports.


Key focus areas: Healthy and holistic lifestyle, Charitable causes & Travel


Global Trends Advisor BCU
Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant, Philanthropist, Travelholic, Adventure-seeker & Culture-Admirer

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