Transition Generation

Mental conflicts have always been a part of human existence and the latest addition to the list of these is the conflict between the ways of life we saw while we were growing up and the ways of the world we are seeing now…..

No I am not referring to the stereotypical generation gap we have always referred to while shutting the opinions and instructions of our parents. This is a conflict in our own heads. Our conditioning had a value system which was based on the principles of relationships first, duties first, beliefs first, society first and so on, and now is a time when we preach, hear, talk, observe self first. All the new age Life Guru’s talk about self preservation but when we implement the principles of the so called self preservation our childhood conditioning and experiences shout out and label this way of life as SELF-ish ways of living thus causing a certain level of guilt.

This generation with confused view points or should i say the generation with conflicting beliefs is fighting a battle everyday in their hearts and minds between You first and Me first and these are the people i call the transition generation. They are beautifully adapting to the new age traditions, raising the next generation within the new modern me first environments but a part of them is still being constantly pulled by their roots which are questioned and condemned by the ones who could not match pace with the changing times. The burden of balance is at times too much to bear.. Seeking peace amidst this imbalanced setting is a challenge that takes a toll on us. But challenges are meant to be accepted because this is where the real achievements are. So breathe in and stop trying to change the world, accept WHAT IS AS IT IS… not all disagreements need to be resolved there and then, agree to disagree and move on…

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