As a lifeskills coach this is my attempt at validating the notion that life is a can be mastered to set examples and achieve higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Interacting with my students and people around I’m forced to question myself where are we going wrong? Where is the quest for happiness and positivity? By the end of the day, mind starts to feel like a traffic jam with no concrete blockage ahead, the kinds in which you get stuck for hours but see nothing causing it.
Is there anything that we can possibly tweak in our lives to make it more wholesome, positive, cheerful or these are just words that sound nice in sessions? I guess we can do our bit in making our lives more bearable.. The key perhaps is in keeping things simple. Complexities add unnecessary weight on things which in turn make them difficult to handle. Expectations are the second kind of load that ruin our peace and take us towards dissatisfaction and frustration.

I kept looking for happiness outside in the world and little did I know it all starts from within. What you seek with passion makes its way to reach you. The question therefore is, what is it that you seek? Material possessions, pride, ambitions, people, power, love or genuinely you seek happiness and respect.

It’s certain we may not have control over destiny but what we can control is our approach towards life. Breathe, step back and glide through adversities and strive to find peace within.. Once that is achieved situations start to uncomplicate themselves.

So coming back to our thought, is life a skill i’d say yes, since a lot of things can be eased by tweaking small habits and approaches. For example, thinking is great but over thinking is a buster. Planning is great but being a control freak does no good. To throw some more key words in, prioritise, simplify, communicate, breathe, know yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself. Live life with a belief that all will be well and whatever happens, happens for a reason and you’ll see things start to fall in place. If not so, atleast you have more strength to face it all and emerge a winner.

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