The mundane 9-5 goes on and we continue to lose track of what we really wanted in life.
What is it that we cared for when our journeys began and then comes a moment where it seems exhausting and meaningless. It was this feeling of not knowing what I really want that led me on and on and today after all those fancy degrees and certifications later I have realized all I ever wanted was to communicate and make a difference. A seed sowed by NANU, my hero, who treated me like a knowledgeable adult while I was still a child and spoke to me about things that mattered in real life, relationships, human behavior, life in general and the list would be endless.

Today as a tribute to him my endeavor is to be the same anchor for my students and encourage them to talk and look at life beyond books and technology and notice the mundane, the relationships, the feelings, the emotions and so on, things that constitute life for real.

From these discussions with my students evolved the concept of “The Infinity of my life.” An attempt at identifying the real priorities of our life, who or what is it we can’t live without. Without fail, many people across ages are not able to pen down things that really matter to them in life. When we sit down and introspect it becomes evident that the possessions we run for and things that actually matter to us don’t match. An 8 point list of what matters to us the most and how well we balance the same in our life is the real reflection of our happiness and peace. Higher the score greater the satisfaction.
As is well-said Self is the cause and self is the effect. If I don’t know me, how will I justify my being and achieve a greater purpose?

Not many realize the importance of invoking thoughts and developing opinions amongst young adults. Life is not rocket science its an art and we all can be masters of our own art the secret is to encourage people to observe, understand and develop their own style. Take a step forward in spreading peace, help people around by reminding them to rethink what their priorities in life were and if they are doing justice to them.

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